Erin 2

By Army Archerd, Daily Variety Senior Columnist

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - A sequel to ``Erin Brockovich?'' Why not? Julia Roberts told me it's her favorite film. And the real Brockovich told she was thrilled with Julia's portrayal -- and she certainly should be. Julia is masterful, dramatic, comedic, sexy (and revealing).

The real Brockovich parlayed Roberts' baring movie wardrobe by arriving at the Village premiere Tuesday in a gown (from Nicole's on the Sunset Strip) barebacked, bare-sided and more. It caused as much eyebrow-lifting (and eye-lowering) as Jennifer Lopez's at the Grammys.

Brockovich said she is now preparing, along with attorney Ed Masry (with whom she still works), for a November court case vs. PG&E; -- this one about a similar poisonous problem in Kettleman Hills in the San Joaquin Valley. Brockovich was back at her Westlake office at Masry & Vititoe as a ``legal investigator'' Wednesday morning, only briefly. She reverted to her motherly role when she received a call telling that 9-year-old daughter Elizabeth (the 1-year-old portrayed in the movie) had come down with a 103-degree fever and Erin rushed her to a doctor.

At the premiere, Julia was hugging the child actors who played Brockovich's kids; they obviously had a great relationship with her in making the marvelously realistic pic, which should be a box office blockbuster and reap awards for Roberts next year, even though it's such an early year release.

As for the real family of Brockovich, Erin is married (one year) to handsome thesp Eric Ellis. Meanwhile, Roberts' handsome boyfriend Benjamin Bratt, beaming at her side along the line of TV interviewers, told ``Access Hollywood's'' Pat O'Brien his opinion of Roberts' performance: ``She was all legs, breasts and balls and they're made of brass!''

When I asked Bratt if he and Julia have plans to team (again), he noted, ``It's on the horizon.''

As for the question of a sequel to ``Brockovich,'' Jersey Films' Danny DeVito allowed, ``Why not?''
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