Mummy 2 set report

Darkhorizons got this scoop about Pre Production on Mummy 2.
"Construction is starting on the sets at Pinewood. There's an underground labyrinth of storerooms corridors at the British Museum, which will be full of artifacts and a handy sabre that once belonged to Ghengis Khan - Ideal for Brendan Fraser to slay a few Mummy brethern with. There's Fraser's home - Very sub-victorian, full of momentoes - One room is the child's bedroom, with a collapsable section of wall for a kidnap sequence where Fraser and Weisz's child is targetted as a potential sacrifice. There's a resurrection sarcophagus, where Arnold Voosloo will be brought back from the dead yet again, and there's the Lair Of the Princess - Where Imhotep's former squeeze holds court, deep in the old spice docks on the north of the River Thames. A rooftop is due to be built at a later stage with a blue-screen cyclorama because it's said that all of the creatures pursuing Weisz and Fraser during this particular moment (trying to save their kid) will all be CGI based. Auditions are currently reaching their climax to find the said child."
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