Jurassic Park 3

DarkHorizons reported

Dan's JP3 page has heard two bits of gossip that will turn some heads - including word the T-Rex is going on the back burner next time around. Before I go into explanation on that, the first scooper reports that folks going on the Universal Studios tour are apparently being told that Stage 12 (right across from JP: The Ride) is being used for pre-production on JP3 now that Ron Howard and his "The Grinch" crew have moved out their 'interior Whoville' sets. Now, for that second report which says renowned paleontologist Jack Horner, who served as consultant on both the previous JP films, gave a talk to this scooper's school not long ago and indicated the T-Rex would NOT be the main antagonist in the next film - something new and meaner would be replacing it, but the Rex will still likely make brief appearances.
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