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Batman 5 Details

Canoe Reports.... Everyone's favourite caped crusader is coming to the big screen for a fifth time. After months of rumours, up and coming director Darren Aronofsky ("Pi", "Requiem For A Dream") has been given the green light to direct the upcoming "Batman 5," Variety reports . The new film will be an adaptation of the comic series "Batman: Year One." Also coming on board for the project is acclaimed writer-artist Frank Miller, writer of the "Batman: Year One" mini-series. He'll help craft the coming film's script with Aronofsky. Miller rose to fame when he created the cult graphic novel "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns " in 1986. He is currently working on its sequel. "Batman : Year One" tells the story of Bruce Wayne's first year in the cape and cowl. It also contains storylines about the young police Lieutenant James Gordon and Catwoman. Many fans are hoping that with "Year One&