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Hamilton & T3

"I want to go out a champ. Because there was no place to take my character. She's done. It wouldn't work. I can't go back." Linda Hamilton @ E!'s The AWFUL Truth

Female T3

"She can disappear, she can mold into someone else, and she is sometimes just an energy." Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about the Female T3 @ The New York Post "The two drafts I read were so big that it would have cost $300 million to make it...So now they're toning it down, because I don't think we need to see a 747 crash-land into all those buildings in downtown L.A. I think we can do it on a football field somewhere so that it doesn't cost that much." Arnold Schwarzenegger the T3 script being rewritten @ The New York Post

Austin Powers 3

"We have a concept based on a prequel, where Dr. Evil and Austin are together in the 1950's as young men in some academy...Of course something goes wrong. Dr. Evil goes off to some zone and Austin launches the British revolution in American music and colour, just to annoy Dr. Evil. We've always wanted Sean Connery to do something. We've tried to talking to his people, but they were very polite - schedules and stuff - but he may just not want to go there." Jay Roach (The Director) @ Popcorn