Chevy Chase interested in Fletch 3

The story comes courtesy of Moviehole.

With Dan Aykroyd attempting to resurrect his career with a new ''Ghostbusters'' movie, it only makes sense his old partner-in-crime (and "Spies Like Us" co-star) Chevy Chase tries and does the same. And hey, age and girth outside, I’d love to see the two back on the big screen where they belong.

In addition to the new sitcom “Community” (headlined by ‘Soup’ star Joel McHale), Chase has signed to star opposite John Cusack in the time-travel comedy “Hot Tub Time Machine” and is being courted to star in a new “Fletch” sequel!

The Steve Pink-directed, Josh Heald-scripted “Hot Tub” follows a bunch of unsatisfied guys who get thrown back to their younger days in 1987 via their Jacuzzi.

Chase plays a mysterious repairman who dispenses pearls of wisdom and may or may not be behind the metaphysical road trip.

Meanwhile, having had no luck trying to get a reboot of the ground (Zach Braff and Joshua Jackson were both tapped to star at one stage), THR says The Weinstein Company are said to have approached Chase with an offer to star in a third “Fletch” film.

Isn’t that terrific!? There’s no signature on the dotted line yet, but chances are Chase won’t pass up the opportunity to reprise one of his signature roles. The current screenplay is said fix on the Chase character passing the baton to Fletch's journalist nephew as the semi-retired uncle advises him on his stories.

Speaking of Chase and Aykroyd, heard a while back that Warners were looking at remaking "Spies Like Us". I'm hoping, what with the comebacks these two guys are making, not to mention The Weinstein's keeness to cast Chase in a new "Fletch" sequel rather than reboot it, that Aykroyd and Chase might instead get to star a "Spies" sequel. We can hope.
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