Original T4 ending talk

McG talks about the original ending for Terminator: Salvation.

From Moviehole:

You'll recall a few months back Moviehole came by some intel suggesting the original ending for "Terminator Salvation" (yes, that one) had been scrapped - and yes, thanks to the internet leak - and in it's place, a new slightly less-radical finale had been filmed...

... If you don't remember, here's the original story :

Clint here,

Remember the big "Terminator Salvation" spoiler leaked last year? Yeah, the absurd-sounding finale involving a skin-switcheroo with our main characters. Silly but true. That was the ending of the new film. As far as the studio were concerned, they were sticking to it like orange juice on a hairy arm.

Funny how things change...

Was chatting to a friend from Warner Bros today - originally on a totally different topic ("The Green Lantern" - scouting in Australia) - who confirmed he'd seen the film and that there's been big changes to the film over the past few months.

Yep, don't expect to see any Hannibal Lecter-style action from the mysterious Marcus (Sam Worthington's silver-blooded character from the film) in the film when you catch it in May.

The third act of the film has been completely changed "because of the internet leak. The ending doesn't resemble the previous one in any shape or form". And more so, the new ending has tested quite well; it's gotten a much better reaction than the 'big reveal' in the script did.

Funnily enough, Seth Rogen (yes, that Seth Rogen!) was the first to tell me that Warner were considering changing the last act in the film because of the script leak. Rogen said that - via his friend at Warner - the WB were as red as Daredevil about the ending being spoilt online and had begun to rewrite the script. And that's exactly what they did. Its now, according to our friend on the inside, "A complete [180] from the original film. Works better. Probably not as hard to swallow. Real good though".

So there you have it. The ending of "Terminator Salvation" will be a surprise, after all (Please say it now ends with a T-800 being sent back in time to obliterate Mostow's "Rise of the Machines").

Well, the web community caught the film this week, and afterwards most had a chance to chat to cast and crew about the production. In an interview with io9, director McG confirmed Moviehole's earlier scoop, that he did indeed bury the original "dark" ending once it got out.

"There was a great irony in the way this film shook down", explains McG. "There was this leak that Connor dies and they put Connor's face on top of the machine body of Marcus. Everybody went, "Booooooo, what's that?" That's half of it [the ending]. We had a jet-black ending. Connor dies, we're in a room with all the people we care about. You take Connor's likeness, you put it on the living machine of Marcus. He sits up, now looking like Christian Bale, takes a gun, kills Kate, kills Kyle, kills Star, kills everybody, eyes flare red, [snaps] the end."

Writer Michael Ferris spoke of another element tossed out : "There was an ending of intermediate darkness, in which ... the mechanical Marcus takes over as Connor and goes on to lead the resistance. It's essentially a secret to everybody, except the inner circle, that John Connor is now a robot, is now a Terminator. We're going for some irony there."

In other news, McG tells Collider that there will be 30 to 40 minutes of deleted scenes on the DVD and Blu-Ray release. Very cool.
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