Scary Movie 5 news

Scary Movie 5 may be gearing up for a go.

From Moviehole:

"Scary Movie 5" is sure taking it's time to pick a start date. First announced in 2007, the fourth in the money-spinning spoof saga is oft-mentioned as still being in development (it's listed as such on IMDB, along with a 2011 release date), and from time to time an actor/actress is even linked to it (An Australian newspaper mentioned that buxom Sophie Monk was attached to it, last year), but there's never been anything really concrete on it.

Anna Faris, the star of the films, tells Moviehole that she assumes the hold-up might have something to do with the lack of spoof-worthy films over the past couple of years.

''I’m not sure that there’s enough kinda iconic… scary… movies around?'', says the actress, on the line from Los Angeles. ''When we did the first Scary Movie there was like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and all those films were so popular. There were moments in those films that were visually distinctive - I just don’t know if that has happened in the past few years; if we’ve got enough films like that to go off on?"

(Hmmm... let's have a think. Guess they could take off "Cloverfield"? Does "Quarantine" have anything piss-take worthy in it? What about "Twilight"!?)

Faris, who hit the big time when she was cast as Cindy Campbell in the Wayans' Brothers original "Scary Movie" (2001), says she's even been approached by some of her co-stars from the earlier films, wondering if she knows when it'll be happening.

"I was talking to my dear friend, Regina Hall, who was also in all the Scary Movie’s, and she was wondering why it’s taking so long for the fifth film to happen too. She was like ‘Do you think we’ll be making Scary Movie 5?’. I was like ‘I don’t know Regina’. She was like ‘We’re going to do it as senior citizens – we’re going to be so old by the time they finally do it'", Faris says, laughing.

Meantime, Faris says she's developing a "female buddy comedy" with Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions.
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