New Scream Trilogy With The Arquettes In The Works?

We had heard rumors of the stalled Scream 4 for quite awhile now but Entertainment Weekly has apparently heard that not only is original Scream writer Kevin Williamson returning, but the Arquettes are in talks to reprise their roles from the original trilogy.

Some sources are reporting that they're wanted for a "reboot" trilogy while the Weinstein's last official word (and the fact that they're original cast members) indicate that the film is to be titled Scream 4.

Entertainment Weekly apparently uncovered this news and, while nothing is yet official, believes the Arquettes to be preparing to return to the witty slasher franchise.

This information goes along with sentiments expressed by David Arquette in recent years regarding the potential the film might have with the writing talent of someone like Kevin Williamson driving the film's self-aware take on horror films.

No word on any involvement by Neve Campbell, who has stated in the past that she sees no purpose in continuing to portray the character of Sidney Prescott as she believes the character's story to be completed.

While all of these factors concerning Williamson and the Arquettes had been speculated about in recent months, this is the first official source connecting the writer, actors and the potential shooting period of this upcoming fall.
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