Bousman talks Leprechaun, Repo prequel

Darren Bousman drops some info on a possible Reop prequel -- and is he still interesting in directing the next Leprechaun installment? Bloody-Disgusting has the answers...

At the San Diego Comic Con we caught up with Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Saw II-IV and Repo! The Genetic Opera, who was on hand to announce his new comic-to-screen venture Abattoir (read more about it here). During the chat we asked what other films he has up his sleeve, could there be something new to "testify" in the future?

Darren has always been jokingly interested in directing a new Leprechaun film. While he already has his hands full with all of these major projects, we had to know, does he still have green on his mind.

"Yes, but no one will ever let me. Every time I bring Leprechaun up people laugh at me and don't think I am serious. I AM SERIOUS!!!! I would totally do it!"

While he just announced Abattoir, Bousman tells us Akula is next in line.

"I don't know... Akula for sure... then Abattoir," he tells B-D adding that he's again working with the screenwriter for Mother's Day. "I am working on an original horror film with Scott Miliam which is pretty sick," adding a little tease, "Hopefully Repo2..."

"Terrance [Zdunich] and I are working on something, that if we are able to pull off, would be amazing... let's just say that there is no way Repo is going away anytime soon." He continues, "We have a lot in store, including new content. New music. And the hope is still there for a prequel. I can say that a bunch of new merchandise is now online - as well as Action figures in the works!"

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