Could it be -- Goonies 2?

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I’ve known Corey Feldman for years. I’d even consider him a friend. We talk regularly. I know him well enough to say that of the entire cast of “The Goonies”, he’s the one that’s convinced there will never be a sequel to Dick Donner’s 1985 hit. It’s not that he doesn’t wish there was some truth to those incessant rumours – in fact, he loves the original film and he adores his co-stars – he’s just certain it'll never happen. And that’s fair enough – after all, they’ve been talking ‘Goonies 2’ longer than I’ve been out of little league cricket, and it’s never got any further than a post on… well, this site.

I know for a fact that, about five years ago, Warner commissioned a bunch of writers (Among them, Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who went on to pen such cash-cows as the “Transformers” flicks, and “Star Trek”) to take a stab at writing a potential “Goonies” sequel. Alas, nothing ever happened there. Nor did anything ever happen with Warner’s proposal to follow-up the beloved original with a cheap animated film released direct-to-DVD (and that could’ve had something to do with Donner – who publicly slammed the idea). And a recent 'cast and crew reunion' organized by Empire magazine didn't give Warner any ideas either..... or did it?

Feldman, talking to The Los Angeles Times this weekend, says – perhaps for the first time – that a sequel is not “entirely out of the picture”.

I know. It isn’t much… but, ya see, it is; Feldman’s sworn black-and-blue that Warrner would never do a sequel, yet, he now thinks there ‘’might’’ be a chance. I don’t know how big a chance – we haven’t talked for a week or two – but still, if he says a possibility now lies there, I’m betting he’s heard something…something to potentially put a smile on Sloth fans the world over.

If a sequel does happen, I’d attribute its existence to… well, a lot of things… but also Feldman. Feldman helped give Warner Premiere one of their highest-grossing DVDs of the year with “Lost Boys : The Tribe”. He’s already been enlisted to star in, and produce, a third “Lost Boys” flick – which, last I heard, is moving rather speedily towards the start line. In other words, Feldman is on the road to a comeback. (I also recently worked on a film with the lovely Kerri Green - who, and I know it sounds like a wank because I produced her film, is also primed for a comeback; she's still 'got it'!).

I’d imagine a “Goonies” sequel would be something the studio would want to do as a large-scale theatrical release, as opposed to one of their low-budget DTV offerings, but I guess anything is possible. Bottom Line : It'd do well.... and it even has the potential to be good.
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