Could it be? X-Files 3!

Some interesting news comes from Moviehole, there's been some talk of a possible X-Files 3!

The Truth is out there... somewhere....but for the moment you'll just have to settle for a big fat rumour.

According to out friends at Bloody Disgusting, "The X-Files" might be getting the ostensibly-overused reboot treatment. What that means, for those not up with 'film speak', is that Twentieth Century Fox would recast the roles of Mulder and Scully (Shudder!), and rewind the clock on the franchise, likely coming up with some kind of 'Year One' story. Think "Batman Begins", "Casino Royale", or "The Incredible Hulk".

I'm not even a fan of "The X-Files" and I can tell you what a bloomin' mistake that'd be. We've only ever seen the two actors play Mulder and Scully respectively, and as far as I can gather, fans latched onto the series - as well as the two feature film spin-off's - as much to see the aforementioned agents (and their adventures play out) as they did David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Without Duchovny and Anderson, it'd be useless. Fox would essentially be giving a turd-dipped birdie to the fans. Not on.

Thankfully, it's just a rumour, and the third "X-Files" movie might very well see Duchovny and Anderson back in the saddle. In fact, if I was a betting man... I'd lay down a few greenbacks on the tried-and-true duo returning.

Whatever the case, it sounds like there will definitely be another movie. Despite the unfavourable reviews (Moviehole's Tosia gave it a rave review though, calling it 2008's "Best Film of the Year"), "X-Files : I Want to Believe" made a sumly $68 million worldwide; sufficient enough a figure to warrant another.

Gillian Anderson was quoted by X-Files News as saying a third film is already in early development for a 2012 release. I imagine Ms Anderson is including herself in the scenario and not Emma Stone* as young Dana Scully.

"X-Files" fans need to bookmark X-Files News for all the latest developments on a third film - they're really on the ball over there!

* Don't worry Emma Stone is not in the running to play Scully; she's just the first young redhead that came to mind.
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