Eli Roth talks Thanksgiving

Eli Roth of Hostel and Cabin Fever fame spoke to Bloody-Disgusting about his feature length film Thanksgiving, which is based on one of the fake Grindhouse trailers.

Out promoting his role in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds (which is QT's best film in over a decade), Eli Roth dropped a few bits concerning Thanksgiving, the full length slasher film based on his faux trailer from Grindhouse. "My co-writer Jeff [Rendell] just landed yesterday in Los Angeles. He flew out for the premiere and so we can finish the script." But it won't be coming anytime in the near future. "I don't want to do it as my next film but I want to get the script finished. The sci-fi film, Endangered Species, is what I'm doing next", Eli tells us. He also stresses that he has no direct involvement with Hostel 3. "No, I'm done. Somebody will, that was part of the deal - that they were allowed to continue doing them without me. And that's what the fans want, clearly there's a demand for it. But I have left it to go on to other things." In the meantime, Eli fans can check out Inglourious Basterds on August 21st - it might not be a horror film, but it's a damn good one.
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