Fifth Twilight a possibility

Some news for the Twihards comes out of Moviehole -- could there be a fifth film?

Not surprisingly, since the book is fatter than the cast of ''The Blues Brothers 2000'' (and the other three novels), Summit may be planning to split the fourth “Twilight” movie – “Breaking Dawn” – into two movies.

Taking a page out of Alan Horn’s decision to slash Warner’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” down the middle, therefore reducing the risk of cramming too much into the one film, but also stimulating the share price for a couple more years, the third sequel to 2007’s surprise hit (it was a surprise to me, anyway) is rumoured to be split in two parts.

It hasn’t been revealed how close together the two films will be released (might it be six months, like “Back to the Future II” and “Back to the Future III”?), but I think we can all assume what’ll be part of “Breaking Dawn Part I” and what will be a part of “Breaking Dawn Part II” (Clue : I’m guessing no animatronic tots will be harmed in the making of the first half). But please don’t write in and ask me where they’ll be split because that there – two lines back – was speculation.

Summit have come out denying the rumour (started by actor Boo Boo Stewart, who told Access Hollywood that he was signed on for three more movies), telling Radar Online, “It is absolutely not true”.... but I’m more personally more inclined to believe the party that didn’t-wrongly-let-go-an-actress-from-the-franchise. Why wouldn’t they be considering splitting the film into two? Of course they’re considering it – if not set on doing that. Just unfortunately for Summit, someone has beaten them to the punch of announcing the plan.

I haven’t read the “Twilight” books, and I don’t plan to (I’m more of a William Goldman or Joe Ezsterhas type of guy when it comes to my literary selections), but my wife has kindly filled me in on what happens in “New Moon”, “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”. Sounds like most of the drama has been saved up for that final (or is it?) instalment – what with that happening to her, and he and he joining to do that, and he finding out about it - and as long as Summit snag themselves a director as talented as say, David Slade, it might also turn out to be the best movie (though fans say “Eclipse” shouldn’t be too shabby either). What about letting Kathryn Bigelow take the reigns? We know she’s got the skills to captain a meaty vampire movie! (“Near Dark” baby!)
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