MORE thoughts on Halloween II (2009)

I went and seen Halloween II AGAIN last night. Keep in mind, I wrote my initial review almost immediately after seeing the film, and now, after my second viewing (and having a night's rest to think it over), I completely stand by my original review.

I LOVED H2. Yeah, I said it. I believe the film took a dangerous step into uncharted territory -- and it really payed off.

There's maybe only a few minor things that I would have personally changed about the story:

1. Remove the visions
2. Keep the dream sequences, just shorten them
3a. Have Michael lose the jacket and hood on Halloween
3b. The stripper shouldn't have ripped the mask
4. A few unnecessary kills
5. Laurie wearing the mask

That's really the only low points of the movie. Oh, and maybe the new kid who played Young Myers, his acting was horrid.

But, again, let me stress, I really enjoyed H2 and it fully surpasses the remake. If you're a fan, go see it, if not...then just shut up.
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