Saw VII (7) 3D?!

This very interesting tidbit comes from Arrow In The Head...

Hello, boys and girls. I want to play a game. It’s called “Beating a Dead Horse”. Actually, it seems like the makers of SAW VI may be the ones partaking in this particular match. Of course, I truly hope I’m wrong with that statement. It’s just that what I’ve seen of the film so far hasn’t done much for my confidence in the series. And SAW V was just so aweful.

Well, apparently Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures have nothing but high confidence in SAW’s sixth installment with the announcing of a SAW VII already being greenlit. Can you believe that shit? Then how about this new little nugget: it appears that the seventh installment may finally be the first SAW film to come at us in 3D! It’s true! The folks over at Shock discovered the news from Twisted Pictures’ producers. Perhaps that is why the announcement of SAW VII came so early—because the 3D filming process will take a lot longer than how these flicks are usually done.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a SAW flick in 3D… as long as it wasn’t merely being used as a cheap gimmick to replace the fact that the storyline has all but dried up in the series. That’s right, my friends, I’m still going to need a well-written script to go along with all the gory traps. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. SAW VI: THE (HOPEFUL) REDEMPTION will be cutting into theaters on October 23rd.
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