Cabin Fever 2 director dislikes his sequel

This shocking news comes from /Film and thanks to B-D for pointing it out. So the director of Cabin Fever 2, Ti West, is dissatisfied with the final cut of his sequel, which was re-cut by Lionsgate for whatever reason. Anyway, this is what /Film is reporting...

He explained that the Lionsgate recut of his Cabin Fever 2 is now complete and that he wishes to disown it. According to him, his edit was like a John Waters or Todd Solondz film (yes, really) and featured heart wipes and star wipes (er…) and that the current version is much less esoteric and idiosyncratic.

Interesting, nonetheless. Welcome to Hollywood, I guess. The movie looks like a mistake if you ask me. Either get Eli Roth to direct the sequel, or don't do it...period.

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