Review: Black Santa's Revenge

Black Santa's Revenge (2007)
Written And Directed By David Walker

Star Rating

* * Out Of * * * * *

Originally a comic published in Baddazz Mofo Magazine, Black Santas Revenge (Inspired by 70's Blazplotation films) stars Joe Grizzly Himself, Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead) as down-and-out santa who decides to take revenge on a gang of thugs responsible for stealing all of the toys in town.

Sounds Good? To some degree it is. Unfortunately Black Santa's Revenge (like many of the Blaxplotation films of the 70's) is somewhat dull. Clocking in at a poorly paced 20 minutes BSR never reaches it's self proclaimed "MINI EPIC" status but does offer up a bit of fun.

Director David Walker keeps the story simple, realizing the main draw of the film is co-producer and genre vet Ken Foree. Wielding a shotgun, and spouting off one liners, this is Ken Foree at his best. He genuienly seems to be having fun due to his constant (unintentional?) smiling while brawling with the gang.

Everything leading up the the final act is mediocre at best. The mandatory kids telling santa what they want for christmas while he's falling asleep scene is here, some awful green screen that tosses any 70's vibe the film had out the window, a police questioning sequence that goes on for way too long, and a strip club scene thrown in for a little bit of nudity. It's not terrible just bland.

The showdown between the toy thieves and foree starts off strong but quickly desolves into a choppy action sequence with foree rolling around on the ground. Still this is easily the most enjoyable act of the film.

In the end the film feels more like a rough cut.

Overall Black Santa's Revenge is more of a stocking stuffer.


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