Brad Fuller talks Elm Street trailer, F13 2

This comes from the official Platinum Dunes blog...

I have to thank many of you. The debut of the teaser was really amazing. Whether you like it or hate it, the release of it was huge. More that 1.6 million people saw it in the first 24 hours. The traffic to the teaser even clogged up Bloody-Disgusting for a day. As many of you know getting the teaser to you has been quite an ordeal - one that I think deserves an explanation...

Originally, our teaser was to be released on Jennifer's Body and I was excited to tweet all about it. I announced on my twitter page that I would make an announcement within two weeks, assuming that all the plans came to fruition. But what happened was we liked the teaser, yet felt it needed to be better. Our intention always to reveal Freddy at the very end, but we had three different scenes and couldn't decide on which one was the best. At the same time Mike Jones (Warner bros.) Drew, Bay and I keep reworking the body of the teaser. Asking ourselves, "are we showing too much, not enough etc." We wanted to be sure that whatever we released was the best version. When we finally decided on the final version of the teaser it was too late to be on Jennifer's Body - so we looked at the release schedule and felt that Zombieland could work for us.

At the end of the day are there things we would like to change in that teaser? Of course. But knowing our team we would keep changing things till the end of the time. Let's be honest, Drew and I know that NOES is the most important film we've made. We know how all you feel about Freddy, and how you feel about us. We don't want to be the guys who screwed up Freddy and as such are pushing ourselves harder than we've ever pushed. Moreover, we have found a wonderful partner in Sam Bayer. He has such high standards and refuses to cut any corner.

I have been receiving a couple of questions and want to answer some here:

Is that Freddy's final look?

No, it isn't - we are continuing to refine Freddy's look. Many people commented about the CGI on his face - and I don't want to give everything away but I will say this - Freddy's face is 98% practical make-up. Moreover, as you now know we went hardcore on what a burn victim really looks like, and I can't imagine what the comments would have been if he DIDN'T look like a real burn victim.

Is that Freddy's final voice?

No, Jackie spent so much time on the voice, researching what people who've has their vocal cords burned sound like. He is still working on it and I suspect that we will be refining it, until the last moment.

Will it be rated PG-13?

Are you kidding me? Make no mistake about it this is a R-rated movie.

Finally, many of you tell me how you have been defending me in chat rooms. I just want you know that I really appreciate that. We will never be free of haters, but if we can at least present ourselves in an intelligent way we can point out the absurdity of having a negative opinion about something that doesn't even exist yet.

Anyway, stay tuned as I hope to have some Friday 13th part 2 (or 13 depending on how you are counting) news soon.
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