David Goyer talks Ghost Rider 2

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Earlier today I sat down with David Goyer and Brannon Braga and conducted an extensive interview about their fantastic new show “FlashForward”. If you’ve been watching the show on ABC Thursday nights, I promise you’ll love this interview as they explain how the idea came together, what’s coming up, David explains where the Oceanic Airlines billboard came from and is the show related to “Lost”, and so much more. Also, while my interviews are usually around ten to fifteen minutes, this one went for almost thirty, so we were able to really talk and not just scratch the surface. Look for the entire conversation Sunday night.

Anyway, since David is very involved in some big name comic book movies, I wanted to give you a taste of the interview by posting what he said about “Ghost Rider 2″ and “Magneto”. Hit the jump to learn more:

David Goyer image.jpgBefore getting to what he said, the first thing to know is last week we reported Sony was moving ahead with “Ghost Rider 2″ and it would be based on a script David Goyer wrote years ago.

So when I had the chance to ask him about the script and the project, he confirmed the story from last week and said “Ghost Rider 2″ was going to be based on his 9 year old script and all they were going to have to do is polish it up. The reason for the polish is his script was written for an R rating, and Sony wants to make “Ghost Rider 2″ PG-13. But while many of us would love to see an R rated “Ghost Rider”, he did say they got away with a lot in “The Dark Knight”, and he hopes to walk a similar path on “Ghost Rider 2″.

Later on in the interview I asked him about his other film projects like “Magneto” and how would he be able to make it with his crazy production schedule on “FlashForward”. Also, what was the status of “Magneto”. See what he said below.

Again, the entire interview with David and Brannon will be online Sunday night. I suggest coming back for the entire conversation as it was one of the better interviews I’ve done.

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