Trick 'r Treat sequel galore

MTV ran an interesting story. It appears that Michael Dougherty has some Trick 'r Treat sequel plans up his sleeve -- or should I say sequels? Have a read for yourself...

Now that it’s October, we’re all in the mood to get the bejeezus scared out of us. And this year we’re in luck, because the instant cult classic “Trick ‘r Treat” debuted on DVD Tuesday, and its Halloween-themed tales of terror are scaring up some huge business. Naturally, if writer/director Michael Dougherty has his way, he’ll be haunting our All Hallows’ Eve with sequels for years to come.

“Yeah, I have to say that the excitement over the past few months of watching the film grow has started to jumpstart some ideas, and I know how the next one ends,” Dougherty revealed to us this week, saying he’s already brainstorming “Trick ‘r Treat 2” ideas in response to the film’s cult fanbase explosion. “If this [DVD release] does become something, if it catches executives off-guard, it might [get sequels]. I would love to do them.”

If you’ve already seen “Trick,” you’re probably changing into a fresh pair of undies right now – and you might also realize that the flick’s structure would lend itself easily to sequels. “The whole idea originally, for me, was to do one if not every Halloween, at least every other Halloween,” Dougherty explained. “Because it’s an anthology film, it lends itself to telling another four stories which would intertwine – but I think you could take the film and explore how Halloween was celebrated in different locations, different time periods, and the one consistent character would be Sam, the mascot.”

Much like the first film, Dougherty said he’d design the sequel from the back forward – and he already knows who his main character would be. “I know how the next one ends, I know who the main villain would be – let’s just say that there’s a whole contingent of people out there who hate Halloween, who try to convince people that Halloween is a genuinely evil holiday that should be avoided. And I’d like to see Sam go up against one of those types,” he explained. “No, no [it’s not a character from the first film]. I just know the type of character – when I sat down to write ‘Trick ‘r Treat,’ I knew that the final battle would be between Sam and a kind of Scrooge – Brian Cox’s character is very much Scrooge for Halloween. I know who that antagonist would be in the next film.”

And if Dougherty – an “X2” writer who is currently hard at work on everything from a “Dead@17” movie to a big-budget blockbuster entitled “Calling All Robots” – gets too busy to oversee the next film the way he did “Trick ‘r Treat,” he said he’d be willing to bring some other filmmakers into the fold. “I love the idea of collaborating with new people, so I might be willing to step back and just produce, but then find other writers and directors to work with to take the ball and run with it,” he explained. “I think that would be fun.”

Would you like to see a "Trick 'r Treat" sequel? What Halloween traditions/countries/eras would you like to see it explore?

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