Julia Stiles in Spider-Man 4?

Moviehole has the latest on the fourth Spidey adventure...

One could fill a kitty litter tray with all the ‘Black Cat’ rumours over the past couple of weeks. With “Spider-Man 4” due to get underway in a couple of months, casting’s likely already in full spin – and every blogger and their back-end is on a mission to find out who’s in and who’s out. Mostly, the net has been running unbridled whispers about who might be playing the film’s female lead (sorry, did I just spoil something?), Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat, in recent days.

Rachel McAdams (though she’s since denied the story) had been mentioned to be in the running, and shortly after, Romola Garai (“Atonement”) announced she was auditioning for [what sounds like the Hardy role in] the film.

Latest rumoured contender? “Save the Last Dance” cutie Julia Stiles, according to UGO.

Interesting that the news about Stiles would surface a day after McAdams announced she wasn’t in the running. The question is, was Rachel in the running? Did she skip out on the part after contract negotiations went awry? Or did Sony simply decide they’d rather a less-expensive but equally-as-gifted feline?

More on this as it develops…. Or as it’s debunked.
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