Terminator 5 on backburner

This not-so-surprising news comes courtesy of Moviehole...

Producer Dan Lin, out stumping “Sherlock Holmes” (read my review here), tells Collider that he’s not sure that he (or Warners) will be involved in the next “Terminator” movie.

With Halycon having to sell the rights to get out of the red, it’s likely the new owner (which, mind you, could be Warner – but more likely Sony, or the oft-rumoured Summit), will have their own distributor (if even domestically) ready and waiting to send “T5” out in cans.

‘’We’ll know more in the beginning of February. It’s being sold in an auction process. Several studios are bidding and independent financiers are bidding on the rights, but we won’t know until we go through the court auction process’’, Lin says, adding ‘’Warner Brothers may be one of the future studios bidding. I don’t know because I don’t work for Warner Brothers, but don’t know. The actual studios bidding have not made themselves public.’’

As Lin says, no work is currently being done on a “Terminator 5” – in other words, McG’s sequel plan is more or less one of the filmmaker’s pipe dream – and whoever takes over the franchise may decide not to do a sequel to “Salvation”.

“There’s no active development in future Terminator movies until the court proceedings are completed”, says the producer, who’s also behind a “Tomb Raider” reboot and the upcoming “LEGO movie”.
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