Pushing back Fockers

Here's a little Focker news from Moviehole...

We won’t be meeting the diaper-staining Focker kids until next December.

The Hollywood Reporter says Universal has opted to push “Little Fockers”, the third in the popular Ben Stiller-starring series from July 30 to December 22.

With “Meet the Fockers” doing huge business when it was released Dec 22, 2004, the move is likely only going to be good for business.

Into the July 30 slot, previously occupied by “Fockers”, goes the Matt Damon thriller “The Adjustment Bureau”. Uni has also bought forward "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" to Aug. 13.

On Dec 22, “Fockers” will be going head-to-head with “The Green Hornet” starring Seth Rogen, “Gulliver’s Travels” with Jack Black and Emily Blunt, and the Coen Bros’ remake of the classic “True Grit”.
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