Elijah Wood not returning for Happy Feet 2?

You know it's a slow news day when we're reporting news for Happy Feet 2. According to AICN, Elijah Wood may not be returning to lend his voice to the Happy Feet sequel. Here's the skinny...

We're hearing lots about the casting of HAPPY FEET 2, but I recently heard a rumour from source/drug-induced hallucination The Walrus that Elijah Wood might not be returning after all. If this pans out, I'm not sure they can get away with the usual "scheduling conflict" excuse, given voice over recording can generally be slotted into anyone's schedule. Was there a contractual disagreement? A creative dispute? Will Tom Hardy pull double-duty and replace Elijah Wood as well? If this happens (or, rather, doesn't happen), you heard it here first.
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