Vin Diesel back as Riddick

So it appears that Vin Diesel will be back as Riddick in the second sequel to Pitch Black. Here's what Moviehole had to say...

I don't think it'll be news to too many readers, what with star Vin Diesel and director David Twohy both mentioning on various occasions that it was in their future, but Variety's just confirmed a second sequel to "Pitch Black" is in the works.
The flick, simply titled "Riddick", and which Diesel's One Race Films will also produce, is something "Pitch Black" creator Twohy and star Diesel have been looking to do for a while. In fact, Twohy's said on numerous occasions that the 'Riddick' series was always envisioned as a three-parter. Unfortunately, plans for a third film hit a wall when "Chronicles of Riddick" - the 2004 sequel - took a beating from the critics, and at the box office.
Yet, Diesel and Twohy remained determined to do the third "Riddick" film... one day.
Seems that day has come.
"Riddick", which will be considerably cheaper than the last sequel, will reportedly center more on the character of Riddick (Diesel) himself, as opposed to the spacely world he inhabits.
I'd say we can thank the last "Fast and the Furious" flick, which Vin Diesel helped Universal snag quite a sumly score from, for the third "Riddick" flick's newly mobile state (Speaking of, Universal have also pegged Diesel to do another "Fast and the Furious", titled "Fast Five", which he'll shoot later this year).
Universal will distribute "Riddick" in the United States. Lionsgate will be flogging off the international rights at the Berlin Film Festival.
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