'Look Who's Talking' To Be Remade

And the remakes just keep on a-rolling...this comes from Pajiba...

Funny thing about scoops: Breaking the story that 20th Century Fox was developing a movie based on the E*Trade talking babies yesterday actually had the effect of breaking loose another story. A related story. A story as bad as, but probably no worse than the E-Trade movie.

It is this: Neal Moritz (Prom Night remake, I Am Legend) is producing a Look Who’s Talking remake. Yes: The king of the talking baby movies is returning. The one that started it all, racking up nearly $300 million worldwide and spawning two sequels. They’re remaking it. Making it again. Doing it over.

Is there nothing sacred?

I think TK said it best after I told him about this: “Why would they remake Look Who’s Talking? Why? Didn’t we already have three perfectly shitty movies to live with?”

You can never have enough perfectly shitty movies, I guess. And now a whole new generation of parents can suffer the pain. And millions of children can see the remake with their grandparents. If Granny asks you to hold her dentures, just walk out. It’s not worth it.

The project is currently out to writers. There is no director yet. And if you want to know what it’s about, then watch the original. This one will be the exact same, only with different parents and different celebrity voices. Of course, if they get George Lopez to voice the baby, I will toss myself into a fire pit. If John Travolta plays a grandparent, I will pull myself out of the fire pit, and while still flaming, throw myself at Travolta.
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