Robert Downy Jr. To Headline 'Wizard Of Oz' Spinoff?

This bit of news comes from Moviehole...and it's pretty interesting as well...

Robert Downey Jr is off to Munchkin Land. Maybe. Possibly.
The comeback King - whose "Iron Man 2" opens in a weeks time! - is being courted to star in director Sam Mendes' "Oz The Great and Powerful", a spin-off of the timeless classic "The Wizard of Oz", says Production Weekly.

In the flick, Downey would play 'The Wizard', a man who, like Dorothy, was apparently swept up from Kansas and plonked in the fantastical world of Oz. The film would explore how the humanly visitor came to power in the land of witches, unoiled tin-men and cowardly lions.

Mendes is attached to shepherd the next James Bond movie, but as you'll have read yesterday that's been put on hold for the time being, so this might potentially be the filmmaker's - and maybe Downey's - next gig.
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