Drew Barrymore Doing 'Wizard Of Oz' Sequel?

Moviehole is reporting that Drew Barrymore is taking a stab at sequelizing The Wizard of Oz...

Drew Barrymore will direct a sequel to "The Wizard of Oz", according to Pajiba.

Barrymore, who made her directorial debut with the worthwhile "Whip It", is circling "Surrender to Dorothy", a Zach Helm-penned flick that sees the Wicked Witch - who apparently didn't die when Dorothy threw the bucket of water on her at the end of "Oz" - headed to New York to seek out her nemesis, the grown-up Dorothy (Barrymore?).

"Surrender" is one of two "Wizard Of Oz"-related projects in the works in Hollywood. The other, "Oz : The Return to Emerald City", is a prequel starring Robert Downey Jr as 'The Wizard'.
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