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'Paranormal Activity 2' Teaser Trailer

Check out the trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to Paranormal Activity ...

Patton Oswalt Joins 'Harold & Kumar 3'

According to Moviehole, comedian Patton Oswalt is joining the cast of A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas . Here's the latest... Stand-up comic (and "Caprica" star) Patton Oswalt will join Kal Penn and John Cho in "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas". The casting was revealed by star Cho on his Twitter page. But don't despair fans, Oswalt won't be filling the void of a bullet-ridden Neil Patrick Harris; Harris, despite being gunned down in the last "Harold & Kumar" flick, will be back for "Christmas", too. The film, which New Line is releasing in 3D, sees estranged best friends Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) reuniting to find a replacement Christmas tree (a 'specially grown' one) for the Harold's father-in-law, because they burn his down. Production is now underway in Michigan.

'Final Destination 5' Gets A Director

Final Destination 5 is rolling...and here's the latest via Variety... New Line has tapped visual effects vet Steven Quale -- a longtime associate of James Cameron -- as director for "Final Destination 5." Quale was second unit director and visual effects supervisor on "Avatar" and second unit director on "Titanic." He was recruited by Cameron out of USC film school to work on "The Abyss." He also worked on special effects on "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and directed "Aliens of the Deep" for Disney. New Line has already given "Final Destination 5" an Aug. 26, 2011, release date. The 3D project will be produced by Craig Perry through his Practical Pictures shingle and Warren Zide. Eric Heisserer ("A Nightmare on Elm Street") is penning the script. Sheila Hanahan Taylor is exec producing. "Final Destination 5" has a start date of Sept. 13 and will include an opening scene on a suspen

Tom Selleck Talks 'Three Men And A Baby 3'

Tom Selleck confirmed the rumors about a third Three Men and a Baby , which Moviehole has provided the goods... Tom Selleck says the wheels might be finally turning on the long-gestating (and I mean long-gestating, the project has been in development for the better part of fifteen years!) second sequel to "Three Men and a Baby" (which, according to a 1993 issue of TV Week, was said to be titled "Three Men and a Bride" - and still might be). Selleck, out pimping his new film "Killers" (directed by Australia's Robert Luketic), confirmed Steve Guttenberg's recent comments that the movie, which would reunite Selleck, Guttenberg and Ted Danson (and assumingly, Nancy Travis), may finally be coming to fruition. "It is true that Disney checked my availability," Selleck tells MTV Movies Blog. "And I know they checked Ted's and Steve's, and then had a script written, I think tentatively called 'Three Men and a Bride,' which

'Batman 3' To Be Jokerless

This interesting bit of news comes courtesy of on for the skinny... Though it was originally planned The Joker would appear in both "The Dark Knight" and it's sequel, director Christopher Nolan says Batman will no longer be going head-to-head with the Clown Prince of Crime again in 2012. For those that aren't aware, "Batman Begins" scribe David Goyer had, in addition to conceiving the first chapter of the revamped "Batman" film series, written story outlines for both the second ("The Dark Knight") and third (the upcoming untitled third "Batman") films in the series. The Joker would of course be the key villain of "The Dark Knight". And Goyer had decided that he'd have the character returning, if even briefly, for the third film. Now If I recall correctly, Goyer had come up with a storyline for "Batman 3" that involved Batman trying to capture Harvey Dent (who they ultimately decided t