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'Lost Boys: The Thirst' Review

Below is a review for Lost Boys: The Thirst , courtesy of HorrorBid. Below is a special review our friend Jack Hunter of MokeyTossTv did for HorrorBid and the Bidite nation. Feast on it below and let us know your thoughts. What…

'Dexter' Season 5 Promo

If you haven't seen this yet, then shame on you! I was able to catch a quick glimpse of it last night while watching a season 4 episode. Season 5 debuts in September!

Elizabeth Banks Is Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is set to make yet another live action debut -- only this time, the part will be filled by Elizabeth Banks. Perfect casting, if you ask me. Although, my mental image of a live action Tink will always be Julia Roberts…

'Green Lantern' On EW Cover

Enterainment Weekly's newest issue will be featuring Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern. Read below the image for the story... Fanboys of the world, get ready to go green. As all of Hollywood (and many a costumed nerd) gears…

'I Spit On Your Grave' One Sheet

Here is the official one sheet for the upcoming I Spit On Your Grave remake. It's a nice modernization of the original poster which can be seen HERE .

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