'Batman 3' Starting To Buzz

It's that time again: Christopher Nolan is gearing up for a third (and final) Batman movie. Read the yellow text below for all of Moviehole's Bat-goodness...

The codpiece is out in full force this weekend (hee hee).

"Batman 3" is as sure-a-thing as it will ever be. Christopher Nolan says he will likely/in-all-probability/possibly/ be back. All the cast are back (Christian Bale has been spotted training already). Catwoman is rumored to be making a jump for Bruce's scratching pole in the film. The Riddler is the big question. Oh, and Edward Norton wants a role.

Michael Caine tells The National Ledger that "Batman 3" starts filming in May of next year.

"There will be a new Batman. It will probably start in May next year. I assume I'm there, but in the movie business you never believe anything, you assume. But I've been in the last four Chris Nolan pictures, he's my lucky charm. I did 'Prestige', and recently 'Inception', I'm hoping to do another one. He's written the new one."

Caine said Nolan won't tell anyone who the villain in the film is.

"No one will tell you. Chris is the most secretive man in the world. The first time when he asked me to do 'Batman Begins', I played a butler, he came to my house on a Sunday morning, he had the script. He went and said, 'Can you read it now,' so I read it and said, 'It's fantastic, I'll do it' so I went to put the script in my office and he said, 'No, I want it back.'

"He waited until I finished reading, had a cup of tea with my missus and then took the script away again in case someone saw it. Actors are such silly sods they don't know what they're doing half the time."

Oh, and yeah, Nolan is directing the film (not that we ever thought he wouldn't).

The filmmaker told Empire Online "It’s [directing B3] becoming inevitable, I’ll put it that way. I feel myself falling into it, I guess. And getting it all figured out and I’m pretty excited about what we’re doing. I think that people probably all know at this point that I’m doing it....I think you can [assuming I'm directing] at this point, yes."

Secondly, remember the pics showing the Batmobile on the set of the Russell Brand starring "Arthur"? London Insider got to the bottom of the when's and how's of the batmobile's (and Batman & Robin's) big appearance in the movie!

Says the site, "Police cruisers chase the Batmobile through New York – he hits the bronze bull statue in the rear (two big bronze balls hit the bonnet and roll away), he smashes into the Federal Reserve Building, and makes a nuisance of himself down Wall Street – until they surround him, blazing him in white light. One of the older cops flashes his light into the Batmobile window. In there, he sees Batman – well rather, Russell Brand’s Arthur in a rented Batman costume. The ‘Drunk Knight’ (as he is called) is ordered out of the car, to which he replies “This one has no doors, so I’d have to squeeze out the back arsehole”. The cops get a good laugh out of Arthur when he steps out of the car because his utility belt features a red stapler, a flask, firework and shot glasses. The cops then realize there’s a second person in the Batmobile..." and it goes on; there's more at the site.
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