Mark Wahlberg is 'The Crow'?!

So according to a few other sites, Mr. Wahlberg has been offered the title role in the upcoming The Crow remake...

Mark Wahlberg has been offered the lead role in the remake of “The Crow”, according to Bloody Disgusting.
No surprise that Wahlberg would be offered the lead role of the mascara-adorned friend to all birds (played by the late great Brandon Lee in the 1994 film), but he hasn’t accepted the offer yet. My feeling is that the Oscar Nominated actor may consider the project a little too close to say, “Max Payne” – in that it’s another supernatural popcorn thriller about an unstoppable male protagonist – and will stick with more Kodak theater-friendly fare, like “The Fighter”.
Producer Jeff Most told Moviehole that director Stephen Norrington (“Blade”) is putting together a great “Crow” movie.
”Stephen’s a great and talented guy”, explains Most, who produced the original “Crow” film and its three sequels. ”I first met him when we were shooting “The Crow: City of Angels”. He’s an incredible stylistic visionary as a director and he totally gets comic book worlds and how to make them work on film. I’m certain that Stephen will do an amazing job with “The Crow” remake”.
Thanks to Moviehole and Bloody-Disgusting.
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