Short Review: 'From Hollywood to Hollywood'

It might not be a sequel, prequel, or remake, but it was definitely worth checking out...

As I sat down to watch From Hollywood to Hollywood, I couldn't help but wonder what in the hell this film is about, and furthermore, in what purpose was this film made. About ten minutes into the flick, I quickly realized what this movie was about and what it was trying to accomplished.

Scott and Jeff Bushaw are two real-life brothers who shot and starred in this movie; Scott plays Skyler Pierson, a reluctant gay porn actor, and Jeff plays Dempster Pierson, a character who can only be described as a "wild card".

Pushing the boundaries in new, creative and comedic ways From Hollywood to Hollywood brings you on the twisting journey of a lifetime with two brothers: reluctant gay porn actor Skyler Pierson and horrible idea having Dempster Pierson as they try to make their dream of writing and starring in their own Hollywood movie come true. But before that can happen, it would be helpful to leave gay porn behind and actually have a GOOD movie idea. Once you meet these two, you'll realize why they're undeterred by these 'minor details'. They soon arrive in Hollywood to discover not all is what it seems in this strange, new land. Figuring out the journey to the top just may kill your dream, and possibly you too...

Nevertheless, the two brothers travel from Hollywood, Florida to Hollywood, California to pursue their dreams of making it big in Tinsel Town. Despite the film's low budget, it delivers some pretty big laughs. I'd definitely recommend this film to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in filmmaking or anyone who just wants to laugh.

I could definitely see this film getting a big budget adaptation (ala Napoleon Dynamite).

In closing, I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. For anyone in the entertainment business, From Hollywood to Hollywood is a must see!

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