'Hatchet II' DVD/Blu-ray Specs Revealed

If you're interested, the DVD and Blu-ray details have been revealed for Hatchet II.

Dark Sky Films will release Adam Green's HATCHET II on DVD and Blu-ray on February 1st. The cover art can be found below. The following special features will be included:

- Audio commentary by writer/director Green, cinematographer Will Barratt and makeup FX supervisor Robert Pendergraft
- Audio commentary by Green and actors Kane Hodder and Tony Todd
- HATCHET II: Behind the Screams
- Trailers and teaser
- TV and radio spots
- First Look: HATCHET II (Blu-ray only)
- Meet the FX Team (Blu-ray only)

The slasher sequel stars Danielle Harris (below), Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, AJ Bowen, Rileah Vanderbilt, Tom Holland, R.A. Mihailoff and Parry Shen. Here is the plot:

After barely escaping the clutches of Victor Crowley, Marybeth learns the truth about his curse and heads back into the haunted New Orleans swamp to seek revenge for her family and kill Victor Crowley once and for all.

Thanks to Arrow In The Head.