2011 A Big Year For 'Star Wars'

2011: The year of Star Wars?

2011 is shaping up to be a big year for a galaxy far, far away. "Star Wars" will make the jump to high definition for the first time. But the Blu-ray release of the films isn't the only news on the docket. Fans of Luke, Leia, and dysfunctional dad Darth Vader will have a lot more to geek out over this year, including new games and a new exhibit at Legoland.

'Star Wars' in high definition
If you've always wanted to see the fleas on Chewbacca's fur, then we've got good news for you. All six of the "Star Wars" flicks are coming to Blu-ray in September. The recent announcement, which had been anticipated for some time, inspired massive searches on the Web. Online lookups for "star wars bluray preorders" surged into hyperspace immediately.

In case you're wondering if you really need another version of George Lucas's space epic, here's a brief rundown on some of the extras. StarWars.com explains that in addition to the movies, viewers will get "more than 30 hours of extensive special features including never-before-seen deleted and alternate scenes." For hardcore fans, that's better than a shopping spree for power converters at Tosche Station.

Check out the 'Star Wars' Blu Ray trailer:

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'Star Wars' in brick form
Legoland in San Diego is opening a new exhibit dedicated to the "Star Wars" films and "Clone Wars" TV show. Over the past several years, "Star Wars"-branded LEGO toys have exploded in popularity among kids and adults, making this new area an all-but-certain success.

The exhibit, which opens at the end of March, will "recreate six famous scenes from the movies and one from the Cartoon Network television program," according to KUSI. Visitors will also come face to face with life-size replicas of Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and R2D2 (what, no Jar-Jar?).

Expect the exhibit to further boost Web searches for LEGO Star Wars toys, despite the fact that some models aren't for the faint of heart or light of wallet. For example, the Death Star sells for $400 and contains nearly 4,000 pieces.

'Star Wars' online
Not satisfied to watch the movies and look at brickified models of X-Wings and Tie Fighters? For gamers who enjoy blasting Stormtroopers (and, perhaps, the occasional Ewok), there will be several high profile videogames in 2011.

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Perhaps the biggest is "Star Wars: The Old Republic," a massive multiplayer online game that will (hopefully) hit shelves sometime in 2011. Think of it as like World of Warcraft, but with Jedis. The hugely anticipated game doesn't have a release date yet, but that hasn't stopped the searches. Web lookups for "star wars: the old republic MMORPG" are already beginning to climb. May the Force (and a speedy Web connection) be with you.

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