'Tangled' Directors Talk Sequel Possibilities

The directors of the hit movie Tangled talk a little sequel...or lack thereof...

“Tangled” is a hit. A big one. It’s wiped the grid with TRON and embarrassed the Fock out of that Ben Stiller laffer. Like it’s title act’s hair, it just keeps on growing too.

The film – which has received near glowing reviews across the board – hasn’t even been released in every territory yet (Australia, for instance, doesn’t see the film until Thursday) but domestically, the Rapunzel rework has already profited well over $150 million.

The wondrous 3D toon, featuring the voices of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, has exceeded all expectations – Disney originally projected the film’s takings to be somewhere around the $125M mark but it’s likely “Tangled” will now go onto make $175 million by the end of it’s run in the states. Add to that figure whatever the film makes internationally and the film’s well on it’s way to making it’s hefty budget back… and then some.

Having now reached the $150 million mark I wanted to ask directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno whether a sequel is a sure thing. Their answer only makes one respect Disney more.

Explained Greco, “[John] Lasseter’s (the head of Disney Animation) rule is that we don’t do sequels unless there’s really a strong story. We don’t do sequels just because the first film did really well at the box office.”

“That said, one day I may sit down with the guys and we may come up with a great story about Rapunzel and this world that we created that we have to tell, and [Howard and I] will definitely do it. So we will see. We’re just happy that people seem to be enjoying this one. It’s strange for us, we’ve been living with these characters for two to three years, so they’re real to us, but now our job is done and they’ve been let loose upon the world.”

Greco and Howard do hope to “see those guys again sometime though” so chances are brainstorming is already taking place. I don’t think they’ll be in any rush though – look at “Toy Story 3″, that took over a decade to come to fruition. Whenever they find the story, they’ll do it, until then… enjoy the original. (On a side note Zachary Levi believes we’ll probably see a “Tangled” TV series, an animated one, before we see a sequel).

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