'TRON 3' May End With Just A Teaser

This is pretty interesting. According to several sources, the supposed teaser trailer for TRON 3 was actually shot just as TRON: Legacy was hitting theaters, with high hopes of success. That turned out not to be the case. Now it is rumored that the studio is pushing for the teaser to be removed from the Legacy blu-ray...

A few days back word hit the web that a teaser for a possible ‘’Tron 3’’ had been filmed – with actors such as Cillian Murphy and Bruce Boxleitner reprising their roles – with plans to attach the sneak peek on the upcoming “Tron Legacy” Blu-ray.

Most would assume a “Tron 3” is a sure thing.

Not so.

An interesting report at Jim Hill Media suggests that the teaser was shot way back “Tron Legacy” hit theaters, at which time Disney had very high expectations for the film. As it turned out, the Jeff Bridges starrer underperformed and so, not surprisingly, a few have been trying to quickly hide the teaser; it goes without saying they don’t want it on the Blu-ray now.

‘’Someone at the Studio supposedly put the word out about this “Tron 3″ teaser because there’d been talk recently about possibly NOT including this footage on the “Tron: Legacy” DVD & Blu-ray”, says Jim Hill Media. “In essence putting development of a “Tron: Legacy” follow-up on ice for a while.”

“This news did not reportedly thrill a number of key creatives at the Studio. Which is why a decision was made to prematurely get the word out about this “Tron 3″ teaser trailer which was supposed to be on the Blu-ray & DVD. With the hope that — once this news leaked — the “Tron” fan community would become electrified. More to the point, this leak would then put The Walt Disney Company in the position where they’d have no choice but to include this “Tron 3″ teaser as part of the “Tron: Legacy” DVD & Blu-ray release. Which would then (in theory, anyway) give the “Tron: Legacy” sequel project additional exposure and some increased momentum.”

Even if Disney does decide to include the teaser on the “Tron” Blu-ray, it doesn’t mean a “Tron 3” will ever happen. As Jim Hill Media points out, a teaser for “Dumbo II” appeared on the 2001 VHS & DVD release of “Dumbo” and it never came to fruition.

‘’The way I hear it, the decision to go forward with a “Tron: Legacy” sequel now depends on how well the Blu-ray & DVD version of this Joseph Kosinski film sells’’, says the site. “And speaking of Joseph … Preproduction of “Oblivion,” Kosinski’s next film for Walt Disney Studios, supposedly began two weeks ago. And as for his reimagining of Disney’s 1979 sci-fi epic, “The Black Hole” … Well, again from what I hear from studio insiders, the future of that film now hangs on the sales of the Blu-ray & DVD version of “Tron: Legacy” as well.”

“So long story short here: If you really want to see “Tron 3″ and/or that proposed “Black Hole” remake, you’d better purchase a copy of “Tron: Legacy” Blu-ray & DVD. A couple of copies, actually. And that’s whether or not this upcoming Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment release includes that much-talked-about “Tron 3″ teaser.”

So here’s the situation in a nutshell : We will probably get to see the teaser for “Tron 3” (on the “Tron Legacy” Blu-ray), but unless the DVD sells like hotcakes, the movie won’t happen. The only sure-thing as far as ‘Tron’ right now is the new “Tron : Uprising” animated show that premieres on Disney XD in 2012.

Thanks to Moviehole for the scoop.