Warner Soon To Announce 'The Lost Boys 4'

Call me crazy, but I am actually excited for the possibility of The Lost Boys 4. And not only that, but a TV series too! The third film, The Thirst, was actually a very entertaining flick. So the idea of a fourth is exciting as well.

We're being told that Warner Premiere is coming incredibly close to officially announcing a fourth Lost Boys film that would once again bring Corey Feldman back as the infamous Edgar Frog.

We've also confirmed that a TV series is also in the works, although there's no timeline for a potential pilot presentation.

In 2008 Warner Premiere delivered Lost Boys: The Tribe, the direct-to-disc sequel to the classic 1987 vampire film that was met with harsh criticism. The 2010 Lost Boys: The Thirst was actually pretty entertaining and put the Frog brothers at the forefront of the action.

Thanks to Bloody-Disgusting for the scoop.