Review: 'AAAH! ZOMBIES!!'

Awww... look at the happy couple!!!

Now, I bet you can't guess what this movie is about... If you think this is about flying pigs and fast cars (aka another Fast and the Furious clone) then you'd be wrong my friend!  Actually, this is another zombie movie but it has a unique spin on the whole zombie genre: It tells the story in the zombie's point of view!

Four friends eat some ice cream they mixed with beer and a "green" substance and they die.  Then, they turn into flesh eating zombies! This movie could've turned into a really stupid and boring movie but instead it turned into a really stupid and exciting movie!

It was pretty hilarious and definitely reminded me of Shaun of the Dead.  This movie didn't take itself as serious though and the movie even jokes about itself which was funny.

The best part about the movie is the two different viewpoints.  When the screen is in black and white, it's in the normal perspective and everyone sees them as they REALLY are.  When the screen is in color; it's in the zombie's perspective. But by zombies, I mean we see our characters as they would if they were normal...

At 90 minutes, this movie is just the right amount of alloted time to watch on a Saturday night and it's a great movie to watch with some friends to have a good laugh.
This review was pretty short but it fits the profile of the film.. the film was short and actually... pretty sweet.