Review: "Blue Velvet"

Blue Velvet is, simply put, an amazing film!

Blue Velvet revolves around a young man named Jeffrey Beaumont (played by Kyle Maclachlan) who discovers a human ear in a field. He then investigates, with help from a high school girl named Sandy (played by Laura Dern) to find out who that ear was from. He probably should have just kept walking along because he gets in too deep with a lounge singer (played by Isabella Rosellini) and having to fight off a criminal, played brilliantly by the legendary Dennis Hopper.

The film could be a film that defines the neo-noir genre and is considered one of the greatest films of the 80's and of all time.  I don't disagree with that.  It can also be considered an erotic thriller since there are some scenes involving sex that can be uncomfortable to watch but overall, a great film.

Directed by the profound David Lynch, he combines the elegance with the crazy.  Isabella Rossellini does a decent job with her performance. She is a brave actress for the stuff she does in the film and she definitely deserves credit!

The greatest thing in this film is Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth.  He is so crazy, brutal and heartless but at the same time, hilarious and that's the beauty of Frank Booth.  He is one crazy, whacked up dude but he makes you laugh while he is beating up Jeffrey.  Dennis Hopper was perfect for this role and it's one of his all time best.  Frank Booth is considered to be one of the greatest film villains of all time and I most definitely do not argue that notion.

Some may find the pacing to be a bit slow or even the whole movie to be boring but if anything, watch the film for Dennis Hopper. He steals the show in every scene he is in. Kyle Maclachlan and Laura Dern are great too but Dennis Hopper is just amazing to watch.

Blue Velvet is required viewing for all fans of cinema.  You haven't watched it yet?  What are you waiting for? Schedule 2 hours out of your day to watch this amazing piece of work and be prepared.  Oh, and get some Pabst Blue Ribbon.  The reference will ring true once you see this film.