Review: 'Cloverfield'

"If this is the last thing you see, then that means I died!"  Yeah, just like this movie!

Now, I was going into Cloverfield with low expectations. I didn't expect much and that's what I got. A mediocre thriller.  The first 10-15 minutes are some of the most boring stuff I've seen in film.
A surprise farewell party for a guy named Rob who got a job in Japan.  Flirting, romance and stupidity ensue.

Why, OH WHY, did the most annoying character have to be the camera operator? The guy asks the stupidest questions, can't shut up and (the only positive to him) foreshadowed his own death! Kudos on the last part, my man! He records over a video of a romantic day between Rob and Beth, Rob's "love". Again, Kudos!

Probably the only redeeming quality of this film is that the filmmakers don't give any explanation as to why the monster attacks. It's just a random event. If they did, I can only imagine as to how dumb of an explanation they would have come up with. It definitely saved us an extra 10-20 minutes of wasted screen time.

When the military don't even know what they are fighting against, you know you are in for some deep trouble.

I feel bad not liking this because I loved director Matt Reeves' Let Me In but that was AFTER this film so he definitely made up for this crap. Oh, and J.J. Abrams as producer?  Good idea, huh? You just had to waste your money and time on this, didn't you? I applaud you on that.

"I had a good day!" says Beth during that romantic day that had to be recorded over... Did I have a good time watching this? Not really. At least the film was only 85 minutes. Thanks for saving me from a potential 2 1/2 hour film. I would have loved that... (sarcasm)

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