Shane Black Talks 'Iron Man 3', No More Cameos

This interesting little tidbit was sent in to Ain't It Cool News and posted by Quint. Shane Black talks Iron Man 3 direction and if any more superhero cameos are in the cards...

Hey Harry--

I spent the weekend at the Omaha Film Festival where Shane Black was one of the featured panelists. He spent the weekend talking about his beginnings, his screenwriting process, and his opinions on various films and scripts he has been involved with over the years. Eventually, Iron Man 3 was brought up.

Some highlights:

He is scheduled to meet with Robert Downey Jr. this week when he returns to L.A. Downey will be contributing to the story and Shane will be writing it in addition to directing.

The studio was not happy with the direction Iron Man 2 took. Iron Man 3 will not be another "two men in iron suits fighting each other" film. Instead, it will be more like a Tom Clancy-thriller, with Iron Man fighting real world villians.

Iron Man 3 will be made after The Avengers and will not feature any other heroes from the Marvel Universe. Marvel is only doing crossover characters to lead up to The Avengers, and once that film is released, the plan is to go back to self-containted single-character stories.

You may call me Krullboy.

Thanks to "Krullboy" and Quint/AICN for the scoop.