Weinstein Offers Charlie Sheen 'Scary Movie 5'

Despite this whole Charlie Sheen saga that seems never-ending, Harvey Weinstein of TWC is openly offering Sheen a role in the next few Scary Movie films...

Harvey Weinstein weighed in on the whole Charlie Sheen brouhaha tonight on Piers Morgan suggesting that the Weinstein Company wouldn’t be opposed to working with the former “Two and-a-half Men” star again.

Weinstein used Sheen in “Scary Movie 3″ and “Scary Movie 4″. The upcoming film the producer of this year’s Oscar Winning hit “The King’s Speech” thinks Sheen might be a fit for?

*Drum Roll Please*

“Scary Movie 5″*.

Well, in fact Weinstein didn’t say that, he said he’d “hire Charlie Shen to do Scary Movie 4,5,6,7, all of them”.

Funny enough a statement on it’s own, even funnier when you consider that Weinstein’s already made “Scary Movie 4″ – but like us, has already forgotten it.

*Yes, the Weinstein’s are making “Scary Movie 5″ – as soon as they’re done with “Piranha 2″, “Scream 4″, “Shakespeare in Love 2″… yes, that list goes on.

Thanks to Moviehole for the story.