EXCLUSIVE: 'Who's There?' Prequel Announced

Maso & Co Productions has announced a prequel to the low budget horror film Who's There?. The feature, which is intended to be shot in the south of France, is now in the process of casting and starts shooting at the end of August. The movie will talk about the life of Christensen's character in the movie Who's There? and how he was abused as a child in order to become a macabre serial killer. No names are attached other than the director himself Pau Masó. The movie, to be called The Untold Story of Christensen Jacobson will be a dark horror film that will explain Christen's life at its full, from birth to where it left off.

Check out information for the original movie, Who's There?, by visiting their Facebook page.

Thanks to director Pau Masó for the scoop!