Stephen Lang Talks 'Avatar 2'

Avatar villain Stephen Lang recently spoke to MTV about a return to Pandora in a possible Avatar 2...

Still with us? Good! We know it's a good few years away yet, but as big fans of the property, we can't help ourselves from thinking about James Cameron's planned sequels to "Avatar." While it's a sure bet that Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and other surviving cast members of the first "Avatar" will be coming back for the sequel, the fate of some other actors is less certain — like Sigourney Weaver, who died in the first film but assured us that there's still a chance that Doctor Grace Augustine has a future on Pandora.

After hearing that, we couldn't help ourselves from posing a similar question to Stephen Lang when we saw him at the Fox Upfronts this week, where he was promoting his new show "Terra Nova." Even though the vicious Colonel Quaritch didn't survive "Avatar," is there a chance he'll be back for the sequel?

"I can't talk about that with you," he answered with a knowing grin, adding this little gem: "I could, but then I'd have to do away with you."

Getting our lives threatened by Stephen Lang in the pursuit of unearthing movie scoops is all in a day's work, so we persisted: does he see a way that he could come back to life in some way, shape or form?

"Anything's possible on Pandora," he conceded, "but today, it's all about 'Terra Nova.'"

Indeed, Lang's "Avatar" fans will want to tune into "Terra Nova," where the actor plays Nathaniel Taylor, a hardened soldier much in the same vein (and setting) as his notorious "Avatar" bad guy. And whether or not he gets the chance to play Quaritch again, it won't be long before you get your next fix of Lang's signature villainy: he's playing the lead antagonist in "Conan the Barbarian" this summer, and he offered us a hell of a sales pitch.

"If you like blood and if you like boobs, that's the movie for you," he declared. "It's going to be a trip, that movie!"

Thanks to MTV for the scoop.