'The Hangover 3' Already In Production

Things are moving pretty fast over at Warner Bros. Studios, especially the The Hangover franchise, which just kicked The Hangover Part III into production...

Not surprisingly, considering it’s supposedly the biggest comedy of all time (Are they taking into consideration inflation because I know for a fact that “Police Academy 3 : Back in Training” was extremely popular!), Warner Bros are quick to cash in on the success of “The Hangover 2″ by rushing into production… “The Hangover 3″.

The Warner Bros comedy, reviews of which suggest it’s merely a clone of the first film, has surpassed $200 million dollars. The Todd Phillips directed sequel – to a 2009 surprise hit – released last week is the first film to reach that number with such speed.

Tracking-Board reports that former ‘spoof-flick scribe’ (he worked on the “Scary Movie” sequels) and “Hangover 2″ writer Craig Mazin has been hired to write the third instalment in the phenomenonally successful film series.

A “Hangover 3″ is going to set Warner Bros back a quid. Though stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms were all paid less tha $1 million on the first film, the fact that they didn’t have sequel options in their contract meant they could negotiate a higher fee for the sequel – as such, the trio walked away with about $5 million each and a percentage of the film’s [immense] profits. Just how much will a second sequel cost Warner!? I shudder to think…$10 million for each actor? And what about Todd Phillips?

Having said that, there were a lot of wasted monies on this current sequel. Next time, the studio could probably save themselves both time and money (since they’ve cut them from this latest one) by ditching the cameos next time around (one can only imagine Warners had to pay Mel Gibson and later, Liam Neeson, a sumly amount to play a small part – albeit one that was ultimately cut – in “The Hangover 2″. I say bring back Heather Graham – offer her 500k and get Cooper to bring in some of his past conquests, like Renee Zellweger and Olivia Wilde, to cameo for nix) and, I think it goes without saying, by not stealing Mike Tyson’s tattoo design.

Most of the cast have said that they think the next film should be set in Amsterdam; you guys have any suggestions for where “The Hangover 3″ should be set?

Thanks to Moviehole for the story.