Review: 'One Hour Photo'

Well, it's been a while since I've done a review (sorry about that... is anyone reading this? Oh, you! Great!!) so I decided that this movie should be the one to have the honors.

One Hour Photo stars Robin Williams as Sy Parrish, a photo technician at a Sav-Mart store, which he has worked in for quite some time.  He becomes increasingly infatuated by the Yorkin family since he has developed their photos ever since their son, Jake, was born. 

Sy is a lonely guy and he begins to believe that he is a part of the Yorkin family as he makes an additional copy of the photos all for himself.  He even has a wall where photos of the Yorkin family are placed.  When he finds a secret that breaks the Yorkin's seemingly "perfect" life, Sy begins circling out of control.

Robin Williams was perfectly cast in this role and he does his best work here.  It's BY FAR my favorite Robin Williams movie.  He doesn't over play anything.  He hits just the right notes in each scene.

The music adds a nice creepy layer to each scene, especially the ones that are focused on Sy and his inner demons that are spiraling out of control.

Mark Romanek writes and directs this haunting thriller and he really does an excellent job with the contrast between Sy and his inner demons against the nice, clean, and happy surroundings that surround Sy.

At just under 100 minutes in running time, the movie is not too long or too short, just right.

I just finished watching this movie for the second time and it still gives me the creeps and makes me feel uncomfortable but I LOVE THIS FILM!

I highly recommend it if you want to see Robin Williams give an amazing and eerie performance.

But just remember to pretend... this is ALL pretend!