Confirmed! The Lizard for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Villain

If you haven't already guessed, it has been confirmed that The Lizard will be the main villain in The Amazing Spider-Man. No word yet if he'll be the only villain, though.
Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm working on my full report right now, but I wanted to kick off some conversation about the big Amazing Spider-Man panel that hit today.

Detailed report forthcoming, but here's the quick of it: Andrew Garfield NAILS Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He's a smart-ass to thugs, thank God. Emma Stone is perfect as Gwen Stacey and her chemistry with Peter Parker is sweet, innocently flirty. Perfect. Martin Sheen is great as Uncle Ben... stern, but with a sense of humor. Sally Field doesn't look the part at all (no white haired Aunt May this time around), but we didn't see enough of her for me to pass any real judgment. Rhys Ifans seemed to really get the great sadness of Dr. Curt Connors.

They confirmed the Lizard is the big baddie and showed us quite a bit of footage, including some mid-way transformation (looked good, real make-up, etc) and some full on Lizard action, which wasn't as thrilling. The CG wasn't bad, but he's hulked out.

The new Lizard is massive, looking more like a cross between Venom and Killer Croc. The face has an original Ditko symmetry to it and the tongue did poke out at two frightened girls (he makes his big entrance from a girl's toilet, believe it or not). But no lab coat, naked lizard green body all bulked up and full of CGI fury.

I'll give the filmmakers a little leeway on the CGI... we are a full year away from the movie's release, but I don't think I'm a fan of this giant hulking CGI Lizard from a design perspective or a technical perspective. The rest of the world seems to be grounded, stunts are real, action real, and then there's this big CGI thing in the middle of it all with little personality, at least from what was shown.

So, chew on that for a bit while I work up the detailed panel and footage description.
Thanks to Quint at AICN for the scoop.