Dobkin Talks 'Vacation' Reboot

David Dobkin recently spoke about how the Vacation reboot/sequel might go. And how the film will revolve around Rusty and not Clark. Let's just pray Anthony Michael Hall can reprise the role...

Oh my God dude, this script came out so good it’s crazy. It’s not a total reboot by the way, it’s a reboot of the franchise but it’s Rusty’s story. It’s not trying to start again from zero.

And he goes on...

Look one of the things I love about the original movie is comedies overall do not stand up over time, the sense of comedy changes in each generation, but Vacation is still as shocking and as funny as it was when it was made. There’s stuff in that movie that you would think was insane today: “Daddy taught me how to French kiss,” I mean there’s just things that are insane, it’s off its head. So that’s why I went for it, cause I really loved it and I just love the themes of that movie.

Thanks to Collider for the story.

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